London: The Soul of the Streets

by thenewenglishlandscape

This should be an interesting evening, involving three very different approaches to urban form. Austrian media artist Hubert Blanz is exhibiting work which takes a highly compositional approach to the signs and symbols of the city sometimes as circuitry, sometimes wholly computer-generated, and sometimes as traditional photo-montage. His particular interest in the London housing form, the subject of the Homeseekers project, continues the central European fascination with British terraced housing, most famously described in one of the greatest architectural studies of all time: The English House by Herman Muthesius, first published in 1905.

Iain Sinclair is as much concerned with the psychological resonances of built form and topography as much as its constructional, visual history.  He is well known as a walker and a chronicler of the myriad associations of past and present, fear and loathing, utopianism and catastrophe, in the life of the city.

Andrea Zimmerman is an artist and housing activist in Hackney, whose film, Estate: a reverie, is a beautiful and moving record of how a run-down public housing tenement estate was transformed, through collaborative projects signalling the dignity and diversity of experience and personal history of many of the people condemned to live there.

Where we live, how we live, and how the shape and feel of London exerts so much influence on the street life and culture of the city is bound to raise some very interesting questions. Ken will be chairing this event.


London: The Soul of the Streets

May 23 2013  7.00 pm Austrian Cultural Forum London

28 Rutland Gate, London SW7 1PQ

Admission free, but booking is advised