After the Games

by thenewenglishlandscape


The Lower Lea Valley experienced rapid change in preparation for the 2012 London Olympics.  Once a centre of manufacturing, most of the industry has now gone. What remains are a series of transitory landscapes which are neither industrial nor natural, and of course within the wider landscape there is the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Searching for historical and cultural traces within the Olympic Park seems a futile exercise, as most have been erased. The odd tree and bridge are all that remains.  The River Lea provides some sort of orientation, but over time, it had become increasingly difficult to make the connection between what was there before and what is there now. Since the July 2012 games the Olympic Park is once again in a state of flux, as it is being prepared for a partial re-opening in July 2013.

This photograph is part of commission for the Telegraph Magazine that documents the process of change within the Olympic Park since late 2012. The photograph will then become part of a larger project on the changing landscapes of east London.